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Susan Elizabeth
Founder & Owner

Elizabeth Valentine grew from a need for bras, clothing, and swimwear that fit properly, that are made with conscience and careful thought. Where quality workmanship is prized over speed. Where human value is prized over profit.

Where beauty and function operate as one. Where sizing is consistent, sensible and complete. Where sustainability and responsibility rule. Where fit and comfort reign supreme.


Bras Made in Canada

Our bras are designed in and made in Canada. Canadians are famous the world over for high quality manufacturing, comprehensive safety standards, enviable labour protections and environmental care.


First Ever Sample
Swatch Collections

We are the first company in the world to offer bra and lingerie sample swatches of our fabrics and colours so you can look before you buy.

This saves a great deal of expense in production, transportation, and in purchasing items just to see colours. Samples come from fabric cuttings during the production process.



Eco friendly textile dyeing is done in our facility in Canada where we control the process.

We recycle all paper, textiles and water where possible. Not fast fashion - we are made to last – less replacement, less waste, better for the environment.

Be Your

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in cup sizes AA to Z
and band sizes 24 to 64


Inclusive Size Range

Everyone is welcome at Elizabeth Valentine, judgement-free.

Our specialist lingerie collection features the most inclusive range of sizes in the world. Please see our sizing page for detailed fitting information.



We own it. We control the manufacturing process here on Canadian soil.

Gone are the days of sizing inconsistencies, production discrepancies and dubious labour unknowns. Welcome to a new world of consistency, quality, and transparency.



We respect all our employees as equal human beings and highly value their skills and contributions. Our employees are paid more than a living wage which makes wearing our bras even more comfortable.

[we pay among the highest wages for sewing technicians in British Columbia]

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Elizabeth Valentine is a women's lingerie and clothing brand. All products are designed and made in Canada.

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