How to Measure your Band Size
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Measure your underbust quite snugly, but not cutting in. This is your band measurement. Make sure the tape is horizontal around the body. Do not add anything to the measure.
See full details on how to measure for bras here. 

Send us your measurements so you can do one-click shopping and never have to search for your size again! If you wish to save or update your measurements with us, visit our My Fit form. 

How to Measure your Cup Size
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Measure the overbreast. This is best done without a bra, but if you need to support the breast, wear a soft unpadded bra. Don't indent the breast with the tape measure.
See full details on how to measure your bra size here.

Our system measures the individual breasts that go into bra cups. Measuring each individual breast gives a more accurate understanding of how much cup volume is needed. Our system aims to find you a better fit, faster.

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